Traffic Signs

stoplight. vectorTraffic signs are important not only for motorists but for all those who use the road. Of course this fact is not limited to those who pay the tax. For every citizen, the knowledge of the traffic signs is very essential for our safety and order on the road. The Land Transportation Office is strictly implementing our Land Transportation Laws so that we may avoid accidents. Safety and order are the main reasons why there is a need for the government to put up traffic signs and for the public to understand them.



 Stop Sign

This is the sign that is most often neglected by the motoring public. Drivers would often just look at the crossroad for incoming traffic from left and right without stopping before this sign. Sometimes, they are not even looking for incoming traffic at all.

When ever you see this sign, you have to stop. Not just slow down.



This signs says, “Give way!” When ever you are on a cross road and this sign comes before you, you have to give way to incoming traffic. Let them pass first before you enter or cross the road.


No Entry

Don’t enter. You are probably going into a one-way street where you will oppose traffic, (you will “counter-flow” as they say) or you are going into where there is no traffic supposed to be.


No Traffic

Yes. There is no traffic here. No going in or going through.

Watch for more about traffic signs and symbols!!!